Mooselet Testing

Life and times of a Yank Down Under

This is a test post. There is nothing new here.

Testing testing 456

I hope this works

About this blog

Mooselet - 38 year old relocated Yank, now living Down Under in beautiful Brisbane. All credit, praise, accolades, money and/or blame for this blog belongs to her.
The Hermit - husband of Mooselet, rarely seen by others to the point where his existence is doubted by non-believers.
Miss Thing - 17 year old First Daughter, whose love of all things trendy and girly and dislike of school work is legendary.
Sparky - 13 year old First Son. If it doesn't involve sports or electronics, it's not worthy of his time.
Her Majesty - 5 year old royalty and Second Daughter. Holds a firm belief that sleeping past dawn is overrated.
Clive - 1 year old Second Son and Mama's Boy. His mission in life - eat as much as possible.
Westy - newly adopted greyhound, bring fur and fun back into our lives.